Monday, February 13, 2012

Life in the NICU

The little guys are now a bit over 2 weeks old, and are scheduled to come home this Wednesday! It's been quite an experience having babies in the NICU. We are very blessed in that they are healthy, just the usual kind of premies that need to gain some weight and hit various milestones. The above photo was 1.5 weeks ago. Since they were 34 1/2 weeks when born, their sucking reflexes weren't quite developed, so they needed the little feeding tubes to finish the feeds when they wore themselves out. It amazes me that just sucking can make a baby burn too many calories!
The feeding tubes came out a few days ago, however, and both have gotten the hang of sucking. I've been pumping and having them take breastmilk from a bottle. So far, so good (fingers crossed :).

Here is Bentley. He is already the more excited & sensitive one. His heartrate goes way up (hitting 205 or so) whenever he gets disturbed and it also was dropping occasionally under 100 when he starts feeding. Thankfully, the Bradycardias have subsided, but he definitely reacts to stimuli. Currently weighs 5.1 pounds.

Little Sawyer. He has never had a Bradycardia. However, it took him longer than Bentley to pick up his sucking reflex. Otherwise, he's pretty uneventful. Very relaxed, doesn't cry much *yet* and slowly gaining weight. He's just under 5 pounds!

So, the NICU. The first week when Alex was off, we were there 4 to 5 hours a day, in order to do 2 feedings each. Sawyer ate first, then Bentley 45ish minutes after- we'd take the temperature and change the diapers. Our nurse then warmed up the milk and we'd sit there and feed them. It was nice to spend that time together, and eat lunch almost every day at The Habit- I'll miss that place!
Last week up until now, my mom and Lizzie have been going up with me most of the time. Since Lizzie doesn't last that long, I just stay for one feeding each. Then at night, I make my routine phone call to see how things are.
The nurses have been wonderful. They made adorable scrapbook pages for each of the boys, put them in cute onesies and accommodated my routine and anything I want to know. Although I'm excited to have them home, I will miss the quiet, restful nights and the comfort of knowing they're being watched by the pros.
Albeit a much shorter duration, Lizzie was also a NICU baby, so that's all we know! Nurses, you rock :)


Christina said...

How exciting that they get to come home! That picture of them snuggled together is incredibly adorable! Congrats again!!!

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